About Angie

Angie has been online since 1993 and on the web since 1994. She learned how to SEO before there was a Google, and how to Web when the term "webmaster" was a real job title (and she held that title. Twice.). She built and sold two web-based businesses during her career. In her years of working digitally, she's done and led teams doing everything from coding to design to writing and marketing — but her biggest strength was always helping people find the solution to what they were looking for. Be it information, products or a service, Angie excels best at driving interest and matching users to their needs online. She is a self-professed information addict who consumes content voraciously both offline and on.

She's Mom to two incredible stepdaughters and a recalcitrant senior pug. She also likes to talk about herself in the third person. It might be the caffeine.

Angie makes her home in a Versailles-inspired palace looming far above the urban jungle of Toronto. She is available to meet over tea (no coffee, alas).

About this site

Yes, I used to blog. Used to be quite well known in the early aughts for it as well. Angiemckaig.com originally featured over 1000 posts - offsite links with commentary, and in-depth pieces on user experience, digital and content marketing, technology or internet culture. In spring of 2012, however, I realized it was time to let go, moving my 12 year blogging history to my own personal archives.

This site is hand coded, rather than using Wordpress or other CMS. I can no longer take credit for the original design or framework (thanks, LMPixels), but all changes were done by hand in a good old fashioned text editor. For its size, it made sense for this site to go old school. Plus, I still like to look at and play in code once in a blue moon. :)