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From social media to PR, email to SEO: 20 years' worth of marketing.

Brand steward

Steers multimillion-dollar brands from startups to the top media titles in Canada.

Digital native

Executes digital-first strategies with 20 years of experience & tech knowledge.

Strategic thinker

Creates and successfully executing strategies for dozens of brands in Canada.

Product leader

Develops products focused on passionate user bases and long term revenue growth.

Team builder

Builds passionate, empowered teams that take ownership and hit targets.

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Recent Articles

Why a customer-first strategy is critical to your business (email edition)

woman checking time on watchWhat happens when your marketing people are siloed from your product people? When both groups fail to focus on the customer and their ease of use across all touchpoints? You waste people's time. Their precious, precious time. Do it often enough, and they will walk away from your brand permanently.

About Angie

Angie has been online since 1993 and on the web since 1994, which either makes her extremely dedicated, extremely geeky, or both. She has not yet decided. She is a self-professed information addict who reads voraciously both offline and on.

She's Mom to a vivacious stepdaughter, a taciturn stepson and two pugs. She also likes to talk about herself in the third person. It might be the caffeine. We're conducting tests to be sure.

Angie makes her home in the urban jungle of Toronto. She is available to meet over tea (no coffee, alas) if you ask very nicely. An offer of bacon might move things along.

About the site

The site originally featured over 1000 posts - offsite links with commentary, and in-depth pieces on whatever online topic amused me. In spring of 2012, however, I realized it was time to let go, moving my 12 year blogging history to my own personal archives.

Yes, this site is hand coded, rather than using Wordpress or other CMS. For its size, it made sense to go old school. Plus, I still like to look at and play in code once in a blue moon. :)